PIE2 – Experimental music in small midlothian village



Where?: Pathhead Village Hall, Midlothian  When?: Saturday 25th April Doors 8pm

Pay what you can ( £5 recommended min donation)


The line up is:

Svelte – Tom Bancroft (drums) with leading Scottish avant-garde saxophonist Raymond MacDonald (Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, plus Edinburgh Uni Music Professor!)

Martin Green (laptop) and leading folkie Corrina Hewat (electroharp)

Graeme Stephen (guitar/loops – Scottish Jazz Award winner ) & Tom Bancroft (drums/laptop)

Kate Young (violin and voice – leading young avant folkie) & Claudia Schwab (improvising yodeller) & Emma Smith (acoustic bass –  ex-Gorillaz)

After a short set by each line up there will be mix and match blind date duos and trios – including a section interacting with the live video projections –  and a finale.

When the Pathhead Music Collective put on an experimental music gig last September  – featuring Tom Bancroft’s experimental trio Vincent with Japanese avant grade pianist Satoko Fuji and live visuals –  no-one expected more than 10 people to show up. When more than 40 people did, and loved the concert, everyone was totally knocked out. As Tom Bancroft said “ we suddenly realised there might be an audience for experimental music in this small village in Midlothian”.The concert also featured a blind date duo between PMC member and electronica and improv exploring folkie Martin Green (from folk supergroup Lau) and Fuji’s trumpet playing husband Natsuki Tamura. As it turned out the concert attracted a mixture of free improv fans, Lau fans, PMC gig regulars and some locals who came to see something they had never seen before.

Now dubbed PIE – for Pathhead/Improvised/Experimental – the event is being repeated this Saturday with a new but equally fascinating line-up mixing experimental jazzers, with avant-folkies and other boundary crossers plus live visuals from leading Scottish club VJ’s Funktioncreep.

It may be a marker of a wider interesting trend in Scottish music, that parallels the period in the 90’s when the young jazzers (led by John Rae and Tommy Smith) became interested in traditional music as a way of making their jazz more personal and scottish, that now young folkies are moving into experimentation and improvisation as way to take their music forward.

For more info:

Contact Tom Bancroft on 07974 983701 or on tomban@pathheadmusiccollective.org.uk

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