The PMC would like to invite applications to our scholarship and bursary programmes.

Go HERE for The Application Form.

Our aim is to support instrumentalists and vocalists making music in any genre covered by the PMC tutors, and our key criteria are:

  • Financial need  (household income lower than £26,000)
  • Exceptional musical talent and potential
  • Proven commitment and dedication to music

Our scholarship and bursary programme includes one full scholarship package (of 30 music lessons with a PMC tutor over the next academic year) and one bursary package (enabling 30 half-price music lessons with a PMC tutor). The selection panel will include representatives from local community organisations.

SCHOLARSHIP: In order to apply for a scholarship you need to demonstrate at least two of the above criteria as well as meet the geographical and age restrictions outlined below.  Your PMC tutor will supply an assessment sheet to the selection panel along with your completed application form.  If you do not have a PMC tutor, then we ask that you obtain a reference from either your class music teacher or external music teacher to accompany your application form.

BURSARY: In order to apply for a bursary you need to be from a household with an income lower than £26,000 per year and meet at least one of the other key criteria above as well as meet the geographical and age restrictions outlined below.  We also require a recording (in whatever format is easiest for you to send) of the applicant playing or talking about why they are applying for a bursary.

Eligibility: The scholarships and bursaries are for young people (8 to 25 years old inclusive – 5 to 25 years old for fiddle lessons), who meet some or all or our key criteria, and live in the Midlothian Council Region (postcodes can be confirmed using this link) or Humbie as part of the Tynewater Parish.

To apply, please fill in an application form or email to receive a form.

The deadline for applications is Friday 8th July 2016 (no applications can be received after this date), and the recipients will be notified by late July 2016. The scholarship and bursary lessons will start in the new school year in August 2016. Previous scholarship recipients are unable to apply for a new scholarship for the following 3 years, however bursaries can be applied for by previous scholarship and bursary recipients within the following 3 years.

The music tuition offered by the PMC tutors includes lessons in piano, voice, fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin, clarsach, drums and bodhran.

The Application Form can be found HERE

For online applications you will receive a receipt for your form. Please contact if us at if you do not receive a receipt within 2 days of applying.
Or, email Sophie Bancroft at to receive an application form via email.