Review: Scottish Stepdance Company and Cera Impala



Review: Friday 28 Feb

Have we mentioned how much we like living in The Heid?  Where else could you leave your house and be at a music venue within 5 minutes, not have to pay for car parking and get instantly transported from the Midlothian countryside to the backwoods of the Bayou?  Well, that’s what happened to the Heiders when Cera Impala and the New Prohibition played last Friday.  Cera’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and even though you know you probably shouldn’t follow her to ‘bathe in the pale moonlight’ somehow you can’t help it.  For those still not convinced about the banjo as a lead instrument spend just ten minutes listening to Cera play accompanied by Dirk Ronneburg on fiddle and David Donnelly on bass and you’ll be converted.

Just when we’d got settled into tall tales and murder ballads from across the water, the Scottish Stepdance Company featuring PMC’s own Amy Geddes appeared and within a couple of toe taps we were in the heart of the Highlands enjoying some belting tunes and fancy footwork.  A few things you should know about the Scottish Stepdance Co – they can sing, dance, play numerous instruments and have excellent taste in shoes but their jokes are truly terrible.  Thankfully their story telling is pretty good too and simple but heart wrenching tales of a couple sitting down to discuss life, the universe and everything over a ‘wee cup o’ tea’  seemed right at home with a rousing ensemble finale warning the audience about the dangers of mixing fast cars, late nights and whisky.

Add in some excellent banter from Gina Rae, who can make even health & safety announcements interesting, the traditional raffle and a warm welcome there’s really not much to beat a night in The Heid.  We hope you agree and come again soon.

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