Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft is a drummer, composer, bandleader and educator. Once a Cambridge educated medical doctor Tom now makes his living from music. He has played with musicians ranging from Sun Ra & Martyn Bennett to Geri Allen and Bill Wells.

He has led big band Orchestro Interrupto for more than 20 years and now leads small band Trio Red, as well as being a long term member of Trio AAB and the Dave Milligan Trio. In 2010 Trio AAB closed the Delhi Jazz Festival to an audience of 10,000 people. This year Trio AAB is playing at the Alchemy Music Festival on the South Bank in London with leading Carnatic violinists Ganesh Kumaresh. Trio Red also are playing at several Festivals and supported the Yellowjackets on a national tour.  A recent performance at Shetland Jazz Festival received this review.

“Trio Red, a simply stunning ensemble…..They are, in turns, challenging and accessible – master musicians and improvisers in true jazz style…….Astounding is the only word that applies however.”Shetland News 16/2/13

In 2004 Tom won the Creative Scotland Award and in 2007 he won the BBC Jazz Award for Innovation and a Herald Angel award for his kids music show Kidsamonium. Kidsamonium (now retired) was devised as a high quality show to introduce improvisation to children for the Gateshead & Cheltenham International Jazz Festivals and went on to tour Europe – Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Portugal – as well as all over the UK. The show included Tom doing creative audience participation activities with audiences of up to 2000 people.

Tom has devised/produced for a range of large scale events like Clandemonium – a 2000 strong jazz/dance/bodypercussion flash mob on Edinburgh’s High St – as well as composed music extensively for dance, theatre, film, radio, and TV.  In 2010 he was musical director of Off Kilter – a major touring production of Scotland’s leading dance talent..

He ran Scottish Jazz record company Caber Music for 7 years from 1998-2005. SInce 2000 he has  run music education resource company ABC Creative Music ( with his twin brother Phil. Tom has worked in many hundreds of schools and taught thousands of school teachers to teach creative music.

In 2012 he explored his love of African music by studying African drums in Ghana and Senegal as well as releasing a contemporary acoustic jazz CD from new band Trio Red which has received great reviews including “…world class trio” The Guardian.

He is a founder member of the Pathhead Music Collective which won the £50,000 Creative Places Award in 2013 for his village where Tom and 14 other professional musicians live and run concerts and education and community projects..

He lives in aforementioned village, Pathhead, with his wife Gina, daughter Sophie, and son Sam.