Tom Lyne

Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Tom Lyne moved to Europe after graduating from McGill University, Montreal with distinction on jazz bass. Tom is a passionate bassist with a focused range of sensitivity and power, and roots coming out of rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and an early initiation into jazz and improvised music. With a vast range of playing experiences including world famous soul band Martha Reeves And  The Vandelas, Californian guitar legend Charlie Hunter, traditional Shetland fiddler Catriona MacDonald and folk big band The Unusual Suspects, his musical heart lies mainly in the jazz idiom.

He formed The Band Lyne in 2005 featuring keyboard player Chick Lyall, accordionist Martin Green (Lau) and drummer Tom Bancroft to showcase his own compositions, some of which appear on the Dave Milligan Trio CDs. Tom has also received commissions from glass artist Charonne Ruth to provide a soundtrack for her glass exhibit in 2011, and from various Dutch television and arts companies to provide soundtracks  for promotional and educational videos.

Tom has toured all over Europe and spent many years living in Amsterdam whilst playing with the band Granny Smith during the 1990’s. Now based in Scotland he is an established and much respected bass player with artists such as Sophie Bancroft, The Dave Milligan Trio, The Unusual Suspects and Kevin MacKenzie.  As a freelance bassist Tom has worked with an extensive list of jazz and folk artists including Brian Kellock, Phil Bancroft, Nigel Hitchcock, Laura MacDonald, Alyth McCormack, Rick Taylor,  Karine Polwart, Corrina Hewat, Martin Green’s The Green Machine, Aidan O’Rourke and Kim Edgar. In addition to his performance skills, Tom is highly sought after as a music producer, mastering engineer, music arranger and jazz educator.

This is a list of CDs that features the bass work of Tom Lyne. To hear examples of these works head over to the Projects or to the Composition when it is sorted by projects I’ve written the music for.

  • Sophie Bancroft& Tom Lyne ‘You Turned the Tables on Me’ 2012
  • Sophie Bancroft ‘Bird of Paradise’ 2010
  • The Unusual Suspects ‘Big Like This’ 2011
  • Sophie Bancroft ‘Handwritten’ 2008
  • Dave Milligan Trio ‘Shops’, 2008
  • Sophie Bancroft ‘Hot and Cold’, 2005
  • Kevin Mackenzie’s Vital Signs, ‘Another New Horizon’ 2004
  • Sophie Bancroft ‘Modern Love’, 2003
  • Dave Milligan Trio ‘Late Show, 2003
  • Andi Neate’s ‘Flutter By’ 2002
  • Jenny Gardner’s ‘Cho Chuk’ 2002
  • Miles Away, The Sophie Bancroft & Tom Lyne Duo, spring 1999
  • Always Returning, Trio AAB (Tom & Phil Bancroft, Tom Lyne) 1997
  • Red Door from Granny Smith Elstar Management & Rennet Records 1995 Amsterdam