Can I join the PMC?

Membership qualifications as detailed in the PMC’s constitution – open to professional musicians living in Pathhead. Any person who wishes to become a member must be nominated by an existing member. The management committee may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person to membership. The management committee shall consider each nomination for membership at the first management committee meeting which is held after receipt of the nomination; the management committee shall, within a reasonable time after the meeting, notify the applicant of its decision.

Can I book the PMC for a charity event?

Due to the high volume of requests received for the PMC members to perform at charity and benefit events, we have to decline these requests though we really do appreciate being asked. We do a lot of voluntary performance and work within our community, and each individual member chooses which benefit/charity events they choose to support out-with that. You are most welcome to contact individual members through their own websites on this matter however.

Can I do a gig or hold an event in Pathhead?

The PMC do not act as promoters for concerts, artists and events outside of the PMC programme of events, however we are very happy to include concert and event listings in our newsletter – just drop us an e-mail to info@pathheadmusiccollective.org.uk.

I’m a music teacher – can I advertise on your website?
The PMC are unable to advertise music teachers and music services within the teaching page of PMC members, however we are happy to provide a link to your service on our links page.

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